Collage and Acrylic

Work inspired by nature and objects observed while on road trips throughout Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. The images were seen through the car window, often in mere seconds, resulting in a memory flashing by. With an emphasis on line and color, the memory is rendered abstractly with an attempt to capture the rhythm, motion, and sentiment of that moment in time.


Collage, Watercolor, and Pen

An ongoing series of small vignettes created from imagined rural landscapes.

Landscapes in Grey

Acrylic on Panel Board

A series created from memories and images of the rural landscapes of West Texas and New Mexico.  The paintings were completed using black and white acrylic, emphasizing the stark, linear, and timeless beauty of these regions.

Sky Grids

Graphite and Acrylic

Drawings & Other Works

Charcoal, Graphite, Watercolor, and Acrylic

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